EdgeGroup Incubator is pleased to announce their strategic partnership with 4DESIGN

4DESIGN are an internationally renowned and multi-award-winning design firm with decades of experience in product research, design, prototyping, sustainability, development, engineering and manufacture. 

EdgeGroup’s mission is to invest in and mentor technology startups for success. 

Quality of design and realisation can profoundly affect product manufacturability, ability to scale, profitability and market success. Every technology product must optimally bring together multiple complex specialist elements including industrial design, user interface, software, electronics and manufacturing processes in the most efficient and commercially effective way possible.  

Finding the right partners, working with them and learning to integrate their specialised skills into the overall product delivery is a key skill for which EdgeGroup has an enviable track record. Working with our highly experienced team, mentors and strategic partners like 4DESIGN, EdgeGroup will help reduce product delivery risk from prototype to volume manufacture and propel startups into a successful commercial trajectory.

EdgeGroup Founder and CEO Paul Schlusser said;

“Through several international businesses, we’ve had many fruitful collaborations with 4DESIGN. Lee, Robbie and the 4DESIGN team have helped us deliver products of resounding international commercial success and which have won many accolades. I’m thrilled that 4DESIGN have partnered with EdgeGroup to lend their design talents to help our startups achieve their vision.”

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