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EdgeGroup Incubator continues to grow our network of strategic partners with international HR transformation service provider Human in Progress

Human in Progress is a global provider of end-to-end HR Transformation services including; Organisation Design, Change Management, Policy & Process Excellence, HR Information Technology (HRIS) and HR Service Delivery Models.

An integral part of EdgeGroup Incubators ethos is helping tech startups develop their company culture. EdgeGroup is very much focused on good design and this includes a startups structural and cultural design. We believe that prioritising the values, beliefs and behaviours that form a startups culture are real assets, and when aligned with a startups business goals — add tangible value by fostering innovation and fluid growth.

EdgeGroups strategic partnership with Human in Progress furthers the HR toolkit we provide our startups around policy and process, international business, culture, engagement and critically — empowering the right people. 

EdgeGroup Founder and CEO Paul Schlusser said;

Creating a successful technology business is as much about human talent as it is about executing technology.  With a technology startup in a state of constant evolution during a high growth phase, managing that evolution is key. Our partnership with Human in Progress reflects this core strategy and belief. We are delighted to have them as a founding strategic partner.

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